August 2014 was my 40th high school class reunion. Talking with classmates and hearing about their careers of 20 plus years was uplifting. This reunion helped me know how important time is.  Also, how to do so much more with my time each day; B Redy means just that. My life is anew with dreams and ideas that will change my life, and everyone that joins me in this movement.

bruce white
Lord willing

"My grandaughter: The Business Owner"

B Redy provides an opportunity for my 18 year old granddaughter to have early exposure to the investment community! She will also be sharing this opportunity with her “like minded” fellow students! She understands the “prosperity movement” as it relates to her ability to jump start the creation of her own business. By the time she enters college, she can look forward to receiving a check on the 15th of every month called REI (Residual Energy Income). Many thanks to the CEO, Robert Jefferson and his awesome Vice Presidential team of experts who made this possible. My granddaughter thanks you and so do I!

Lana J. Couzzens, MS, BSN

Lana J. Couzzens
B Redy


This is the best business model on the planet. I love business ownership. Profits have always been better than wages or trading hours for dollars. In this business model we can leverage our time into a proven system of income building. This        B Redy system as it is called, has opened my mind to a wealth of ideas in providing financial stability for myself and my family. Off of a simple investment we can help people that we love become debi free. Sharing the B Redy model is as easy as falling off a log. Everyone with a dream can do this! My hat's off to the founder of the B Redy Prosperity Movement; this is a winner!

Bruce White
Bridgeway Inc
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