Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the operational plan of B Redy?

Answer: A no cost volunteer army of average people who simply wants to get paid is assembled within the B Redy website. As they register they are automatically placed into the mock compensation plan which is identical in function to that of the host company. Your downline organization is built offline at no cost and at no risk to you. When the top brass at B Redy feels that adequate momentum has been achieved, an orderly transistion from the B Redy site to the host company is initiated. The transitioning takes place in the exact same downline order as one would appear on the B Redy site and under the same sponsor. Your sponsor will inform you when their website is up at the host company. You will immediately go to their site and sign up and repeat the process downward through your own organization. At that time members must then pay the entry fees associated with the opportunity to the host company and immediately abide by all the rules and regulations of the host company. Precise instructions on how to continue to grow your business without becoming a network marketing expert will be communicated to you.

It is a simple choice, would you rather join a network marketing opportunity by yourself or with an already established downline and upline that was built offline for free, and that can begin to pay you day one?

Question: What impact does this type of marketing strategy have on the host company?

Answer: When B Redy representatives enter a company numbering in the thousands over the course of a few days, the impact will be earth shaking. Top money earners will be crowned almost immediately. The momentum generated by this wave of B Redy representatives will be staggering and historic. Average people partnering together will create a dynamic unseen in network marketing and failure will be eliminated from the discussion.

Question: How do I get paid?

Answer: Once the host company is entered in mass by B Redy representatives and the downline structure is in place, commissions will be paid by the host company in accordance with their policies. The associate must review and understand all policies and procedures of the host company and continue to meet the minimum requirements.  This will prevent interruptions in their residual commission payments. The associate is also encouraged to continue to grow the opportunity and take advantage of the huge momentum gained when entering the host company.

Question: Is this legal?

Answer: B Redy will never knowingly engage in any activity that would be considered illegal. To insure policies and laws are not broken and everyone including you are protected, legal counsel has already reviewed all aspects of this operation. You can join the host company any day of the week by yourself and have at it, or you can be a part of a team of compensation collection specialists (newly coined phrase). We will not play around with this opportunity. We will blow out the compensation plan and begin to make meaningful deposits in our bank accounts almost immediately.

Question: How does the team at B Redy decide which companies are best suited for hosting this type of marketing?

Answer: The Team at B Redy will carefully evaluate the host company’s compensation plan, its cost to join, ease of duplication, return on investment and the track record of the company and its leadership. It is possible and likely that substantial incomes will be earned from more than one company or product at a time.

Question: Who is Robert Jefferson?

Answer: He is the founder of the B Redy, marketing system and is respected by peers within the industry.  His ability to lead a huge organization is chronicled and documented. He has a heart as big as Texas. He laughs when you laugh, he's sad when you are sad and currently he is plenty perturbed over the fact that the current network marketing model fails too many people. He has officially declared it as broken for 85% of the people. He loves to see others succeed and all the better when a team succeeds. He created this website for the sole purpose of providing a platform, whereby the average American can have success. Let us make him proud by fulfilling our dreams and aspirations. A man has an idea and he shares it with the people. The people execute the plan and the people are liberated. This formula plays itself out in all venues where success resides. A man has an idea and he shares it with the people. The people execute the BRedy plan and within 30 to 90 days lives begin to change. Stand up and B Redy. The best laid plans are simple. May God Bless you all.