Mission Statement

The Mission of B REDY is plain and simple.

“We must get our people paid—only then can we begin to transform lives.”

Objective, Purpose and Goals

Company objective:

The company’s objective simply put, is to change the rules of engagement. It has been said that one cannot repeat the same things over and over expecting different results. Most people fail at network marketing for this very reason.  Nothing has changed. People are getting the same poor results from company to company. Too few people get a monthly residual income check that has a comma in it.  B Redy is doing business differently.  We do not focus on a company’s product(s); we only focus on their compensation plan. The compensation plan must be simple but yet lucrative. At B Redy we consistently review and refine our processes without assigning blame to our people. "You don’t want a second job; you just need a second income!" 


The middle class is being hammered.  Young people are getting stuck with huge college debt. Frankly, we pay too much for everything! The solution to the problem is very simple; however the execution of this plan requires complex strategic thinking and B Redy has what it takes. The rich conspire every day to improve their financial books. You must conspire with others to acquire wealth, there is no other way.  When people of like minds come together, anything is possible. Our singular purpose is to stop money issues from controlling our lives by creating game changing income.


The organizational goal is directed toward creating an army of "compensation collection specialists." We are not network marketers.
We focus solely on getting all the money available in a potential company’s compensation plan. We then must be willing to "trust in the system, execute a simple plan and be dependable."

Frequently Asked Questions